POW Summit 2024: Elevating Our Impact

POW Summit 2024: Elevating Our Impact

Erschienen am: 24/05/2024

Our recent Summit marked a milestone on our journey as a grassroots organization as we are putting our efforts even more into political advocacy.

Last week, we gathered for our biggest event of the year, the POW Summit 2024. This year’s summit marked a significant milestone in our journey, reflecting on the progress made since our beginnings and addressing the projects and political challenges ahead. With around 60 participants, including athletes, mountain guides, creatives, scientists, and brand partners, the Summit was a hub of inspiration, knowledge-sharing, and collective empowerment.

Sharing our Journeys into the Climate Space

The summit kicked off with an inspiring opening address by Keme Nzerem. Keme, a BAFTA nominated journalist, known for his focus on diversity in outdoor sports and his impactful reporting on global issues, highlighted the importance of inclusive and diverse voices in climate advocacy.

Nicholas Bornstein, POW's Founder and Head, took us back to the organization's founding, reflecting on key milestones such as the first political campaign on the CO₂ Law in 2021 or passing of the climate law in 2023. He also shared POW’s ambition to intensify its political advocacy work and introduced the latest campaign on the electricity law.

This was followed by a powerful keynote speech by Athlete Alliance member and Swiss Alpine Skier, Daniel Yule. As a leading climate advocate and high-performance athlete, he shared his journey toward engaging in climate protection and highlighted the industry's problems in professional outdoor sports regarding climate change.

Break-Out Sessions: Tools for Leadership and Storytelling

Two impactful workshops were held focusing on leadership and storytelling to drive climate action within communities. The first session empowered participants with leadership skills through activities such as reflecting on personal values, practicing courageous conversations, and setting visions and goals for 2024. The second workshop unlocked the power of storytelling, teaching participants to craft engaging narratives and refine their storytelling techniques. Both workshops aimed to increase self-awareness and confidence, create visions for their goals, and integrate storytelling into their advocacy efforts.

A huge thanks to Natalia Nahra and Fritz Seidel for designing the workshops.

Are we all hypocrites? Climate action and imperfect advocacy

The panel discussion, featuring Mathieu Schaer (Athlete Alliance and Meteo Suisse), Sebastian Bräuer (NZZ), Océane Dayer (POW Board member), and Tyler LaMotte (Patagonia), jumped into the complexities of climate advocacy. They emphasized the importance of both personal accountability and systemic transformation, exploring how individual efforts are linked to broader systemic changes. The conversation addressed the potential contradictions in advocating for climate action without falling into the "guilt and shame trap." The panel underscored that while individual actions are crucial, systemic changes are essential for achieving a fair and sustainable future.

Oceane Dayer, Tyler LaMotte, Sebastian Brauer and Mat Schaer sharing the stage for the podium discussion
Oceane Dayer, Tyler LaMotte, Sebastian Brauer and Mat Schaer sharing the stage for the podium discussion

The Role of Science and Policy in Climate Action

Dr Heidi Sevestre, renowned glaciologist, delivered a compelling input, emphasizing the importance of making science more accessible and digestible. She advocated for communicating scientific findings not just through numbers but by tapping into emotions to engage the public. Heidi's powerful message underscored that the best remedy for climate anxiety is climate action, inspiring participants to take meaningful steps in their advocacy efforts.

Florence Brenzikofer, National Councilor of the Green Party, provided valuable insights into the current challenges and opportunities in Swiss climate policy. Her input highlighted the critical role of policy in driving systemic change and the importance of leveraging political processes to achieve our climate goals.

The summit reaffirmed our commitment to empowering climate advocacy and driving systemic change. We left with renewed energy and a unified vision for the future. The enthusiasm and willingness of all participants to contribute to climate action inspire us to continue pushing for greater climate protection. We're looking forward to continue on this path together!

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